10 Instagram Accounts That Will Take You Around The World

With summer approaching, travel plans take a front seat. However, if you can’t escape the responsibilities of work, live vicariously though these photographers who we feel capture the essence of travel and all the tender and breath-taking moments that come along with it.


From familiar oceanic views of the pacific coast highway to Patagonia to Southwest Bolivia, Maurice is able to acquire beautiful still images that will leave you in a day dreaming daze.

If you want to withdraw from your everyday and drift into a fairytale, Sean will be your tour guide. His mystical shots from Norway to Iceland will leave you itching to escape.

Michael, a photo journalist, does one better. Aside from snapping photos of beautiful landscapes, he features the people who live amongst the landscapes and the culture that engulfs it.

Beware of falling saliva... From curry fish balls in Hong Kong to macaroons in Switzerland, your mouth will be salivating and your soul will be aching to be a part of Linda’s adventures while she eats her way around the world.

@ theplanetd
Dave and Deb, firm believers of ‘adventures are for everyone’, travel worldwide with desire and portray their passions through colorful images that will produce wanderlust to anyone viewing them.

Light hues and amazing scenery is what Finn, an award winning photographer, has to offer through both his cinematic style and the narrative he weaves through every shot.

Secrets travel fast in Paris. And we want to travel to Paris, fast after being mesmerized by Carin Olsson’s Instagram. What started as a platform to share experiences and photos with friends and family, has become much more.
Carin is based in Paris where she works on her blog and photography, focusing mainly on fashion.

Adventure isn’t lacking on Liz Carlson’s Instagram, where she swims, hikes, and cycles throughout New Zealand. Cycle with her to a winery or swim to share a plate of fresh seafood off the New Zealand coast.

@ brendanvanson
Animal lovers, landscape lovers, people lovers - come forward. Brendan’s travels from all corners of the world will give anyone major travel fever.

Have you ever tried living for a living? Best friends Jillian and Kyla decided to when they abandoned everything that couldn’t fit in a suitcase and ventured off to globe trot. From tranquil sunset swims in Caye Caulker, Belize Island to thrilling Rodeos at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, these gals encompass all that is life.

Now it’s your turn. Whether you’re road tripping to your neighboring town, state or country, be sure to enjoy and capture your riveting, wild, brave, tame, and precious moments using @wonderful_places who could showcase your photo on their amazing instagram.

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