7 Pieces of Advice for Fashion Girls During Festival Season

Preparing an outfit and packing the perfect bag for festival season can be a challenge. Here are several tips and tricks to making the best of your festival weekend.
  1. Sun Protection. Sunscreen is an absolute MUST! After a day full of dancing in the crowd and walking to every stage to catch every act, you’re bound to sweat so make sure you’re packing a water resistant sunblock! Long days of dancing and walking around, you’re bound to sweat so make sure -  you get the water resistant kind! The sun is at its hottest around 3 or 4pm and that’s when you can get the most burned. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.  Not all sunscreens are created equal, we like the brand Coola. They have a weightless matte finish one for the face and a spray for the body. Nothing ruins the rest of the festival like red chapped shoulders after day one.
  2.  Stay hydrated! If you’re imbibing in other substances, make sure to wash down every drink with a full bottle of water. Dehydration is a common occurrence at these fests and you don’t want the weekend to be a wash because you passed out early.
  3. Photos. Take pictures, but be careful with your Iphone. We all know that girl that dropped her Iphone in the port-a-potty or that guy who got his iphone smashed because he raged too hard and it tumbled to the ground. We know you need to Instagram a picture of you and your girls, but try to keep your phone in your fanny pack as much as possible. Get your eyes off your phone and enjoy the music! 
  4. Sunglasses. This is the perfect time to bust out your most trendy pair. Festivals have become one of the best places to spot street style and you never see a style star without her favorite pair of sunnies. We love the cat eye, a rounded frame or the classic Ray Ban Aviator.
  5. Comfortable footwear.  With all the walking from stage to stage and the dancing to your favorite headlines, comfy gladiator sandals, tennis shoes, or short ankle boots are a non-negotiable.  
  6. Stylish carryall. Bring something that’s easy to carry and lightweight to tote all of your essentials around festival grounds. An embroidered fanny pack, small leather backpack or bright-colored cross body bag is the ideal carryall for festival season. 
  7. Take fashion risks! Lastly, if there ever was a time to take fashion risks, festival season is it. Throw some shocking pink streaks in that mane, cover your upper arms with gold flash tats, rock that fringe vest, because if you don’t now, when will you?
Enjoy yourselves ladies! Here are some And B recommended outfits perfect for festival season. 

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